Healing Innovations

is a medical device company that specializes in creating advanced neurorehabilitation devices. We design our innovative products with the goal to increase accessibility to cutting-edge technology while also ensuring safety and quality is never sacrificed.

Our technology helps clinicians provide more valuable gait rehabilitation to their patients with paralysis or a walking impairment. In short, we help patients Rise&Walk.

R&W Front Perspective Seat Down Sled Forward 10062015.jpg

THe Rise&Walk

utilizes advanced technology to administer powerful neurorehabilitation to a broad patient population. The revolutionary design allows patients and clinicians to experience the benefits of gait training like never before.

The Rise&Walk combines Innovative engineering with groundbreaking therapy to produce an accurate, more efficient, and safe rehabilitation experience.

Diverse Application

Valuable rehab option for multiple patient populations


Powerful Therapy

Safe and accurate gait-like motion to produce remarkable results



Reduces the physical demand of facilitating a therapy session

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