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Julie Hartman, DPT

Clinical Director

Dr. Hartman currently serves as the Clinical Director at Healing Innovations, bringing over a decade of expertise in neurological rehabilitation to her role. Since beginning her career in 2009, she has focused most of her efforts on activity-based therapies, program development, research, implementation of rehabilitation technologies, education, and interventions geared towards neural recovery. She spent the bulk of her career at Craig Hospital, in Englewood CO, where she launched and coordinated the PEAK Center, a community- based wellness program for individuals with neurological conditions. During her time at the PEAK she helped to launch the first FDA approved exoskeleton robot by Berkeley Bionics (now EKSO) in the country. She also has experience with implementation and research of several other technologies including FES upper and lower extremity powered systems, stationary robotics, anti-gravity treadmills, body-weight supported overhead systems, underwater treadmills, etc.

Since joining Healing Innovations, Dr. Hartman has significantly contributed to refining their first robotic system, the Rise&Walk® InClinic, participated in the development of additional technologies with the National Science Foundation, and launched the first Nashville-based Neurogym.

Her years of experience with technologies and activity based-therapy provide her with the background and knowledge to educate and empower clinicians.

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Multiple Sclerosis

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CEUL134454 - Arm Swing Integration: Enhancing Mobility in Neurological Disorders through a Multidisciplinary Approach

Video Preview

Course Overview

This comprehensive course offers an in-depth exploration of the critical but often overlooked role of arm swing in gait and mobility, particularly for individuals with neurological disabilities. Through a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach, participants will delve into the biomechanics of arm swing, its influence on walking dynamics, and its neurological underpinnings. The course not only highlights the impact of neurological conditions on gait but also presents innovative interventions that synergies upper and lower extremity movements, supported by the latest research and technological advancements, including the pioneering Rise&Walk InClinic technology.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and rehabilitation professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in gait analysis and rehabilitation, with a focus on integrating arm swing to enhance mobility in patients with neurological disorders.

Key Learning Objectives

1. Biomechanical Insights

Gain an understanding of the biomechanics and functional significance of arm swing in gait, including rhythm, amplitude, and frequency adjustments across different walking conditions.

2. Neurological Integration

Explore the neurological networks and central pattern generators that facilitate the coordination between arm and leg movements, contributing to more effective and efficient gait patterns.

3. Impact on Neurological Disabilities

Examine how various neurological conditions affect walking and mobility, and how these challenges can be addressed through targeted interventions.

4.  Evidence-Based Interventions

Learn about the latest research supporting the integration of arm swing in gait rehabilitation and how it contributes to improved outcomes for individuals with cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson’s disease.

5. Technology-Enhanced Rehabilitation

Get introduced to the Rise&Walk InClinic technology, the first of its kind multidisciplinary robotic technology that incorporates synchronous arm swing within the gait cycle, enhancing rehabilitation efforts.

6. Practical Applications

Review case studies and participate in practical sessions to understand the application of these concepts in real-world scenarios, improving patient care and outcomes.

This course meets all the standards set by the Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association to qualify for 1.00 CCs. Approval Number: CEUL134454