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We are focused on developing technology that enhances the lives of people recovering from neurological injuries.

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Improved his confidence with community ambulation and gait speed and balance.

Cerebral palsy

Improved independence in activities with daily living, gait speed, and range of motion in lower extremities.


Improved gait speed, endurance, lower extremity strength, balance, and confidence with community ambulation.


Improved endurance, health/wellness, and decreased spasticity.

Cheshire Home
Facility Success Story

Success Story: Cheshire Home Resident Graduates From Using the Rise&Walk® to Walking. Cheshire Home, a partner of Healing Innovations, is proud to share an inspiring success story about one of their resident, Rey. Rey’s journey began with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).

Shepherd Center
Facility Success Story

"The Rise&Walk enables our team to create intensive and engaging training sessions that are in keeping with the aims and objectives of our program," said Nicholas Evans, MHS, ACSM CEP, lead exercise physiologist at Shepherd Center. "Individuals have enjoyed using the Rise&Walk, and we see unique opportunities for integrating the technology into the existing repertoire of motor training and conditioning devices we have to offer.”

Facility Success Story

The Rise&Walk program has proven highly beneficial for our patients, positively impacting their health and well-being in numerous ways. By providing a safe environment, it enables them to stand for extended periods while utilizing the body weight support system, leading to improved bone mineral density as they bear weight into the ground...

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