• Thomas Looby, the former CEO of Ekso Bionics and leader in the robotic rehabilitation industry, will join the Business Advisory Board for an appointment of two years.
  • Looby has participated in commercializing multiple innovative technologies, including rehabilitation robotic devices at Ekso Bionics, PillCam gastrointestinal imaging capsule, and is now CEO of Conavi Medical, a company focused on advancing cardiovascular imaging with the Novasight Hybrid system.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., — Healing Innovations, Inc., today announced the addition of Thomas Looby to their Business Advisory Board in a two-year appointment that will help guide them through early commercialization for their first technology, the Rise&Walk InClinic®. His vast experience in the exoskeleton industry as well as developing markets for other novel medical technologies brings valuable insight to the company in a rapidly changing industry.

Looby brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare technology industry. Looby’s achievements include FDA clearances, new reimbursement codes, and multiple M&A transactions.  His tenure in the industry includes such notable companies as Given Imaging (now part of Medtronic), Ekso Bionics, LifeQ, Concinnity, and his current post as Chief Executive Officer of Conavi Medical, a medical device company focused on providing image guidance technology for minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures. During his time at Ekso Bionics, Looby led them through the early development and commercialization stages to a widely accepted and utilized technology in the industry.

Looby commented, “I believe very strongly that innovative technology can be the missing link that helps patients accelerate their recovery after a neurological injury. My time at Ekso Bionics, taking them through the commercialization process and seeing their technology develop into a widely accepted treatment that is used by organizations around the world has been formative in my career. I am thrilled to be a guiding force in Healing Innovations, Inc. through their commercialization process and look forward to their development as another company whose mission it is, first and foremost, to help people.”

August 10, 2023