Nashville, Tenn.,- Healing Innovations, Inc. unveiled the latest iteration of their pioneering medical device, the Rise&Walk, at the AMRPA conference in Dallas, TX. This innovative upgrade introduces several enhancements that now feature a pediatric kit, improved hand guides, and upgraded footplates, broadening its application and making it even more user-friendly.  

The Rise&Walk is a unique neurological gait training technology that synchronizes upper and lower body extremities, setting it apart from other rehabilitation devices in the field. The upgraded hand guides offer enhanced versatility, allowing lateral, bilateral, or complete deactivation options. This flexibility empowers physical therapists, making adjustments for patients’ needs more accessible than ever before. 

The foot plate design has also been upgraded in this latest generation. The improvements not only simplify setup for the clinician but also provide a more secure fit for the patients through upgraded straps, ensuring increased stability during sessions. Furthermore, this innovative knee support functional mode enhances patient safety and comfort and overall achieves better gait kinematics. 

The most noteworthy addition to the Rise&Walk is the pediatric kit. This optional accessory greatly expands the device’s reach, making it suitable for a more extensive patient population. The attachment process was designed with ease of use in mind and can be done within minutes, offering flexibility for users with a minimum height of 4’0” and a minimum weight of 50 lbs. 

Healing Innovations, Inc. continues to provide the latest innovative technology in the field of neurological gait training with the release of the latest Rise&Walk generation. These upgrades are set to deliver significant benefits to patients and healthcare providers alike, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and improved access to care.

November 1, 2023