Causes of Paralysis

According to a recent study by the Christopher Reeve Foundation, nearly 1 in 50 people in the United States are living with paralysis – approximately 5.4 million people. In addition, approximately 1,129,200 people a year in the United States alone experience an extreme neurological injury or diagnosis. This number will continue to increase due to the projected growth of the elderly population from 43.1 million to 83.7 million over the next several years.

At Healing Innovations, it is our passion is to help this patient population by developing revolutionary technology and devices that will help these patients.

Gait Training


Many patients that experience a neurological injury or diagnosis will need to go through a long rehabilitation journey. The rehabilitation goals may vary depending on the specific diagnosis of the patient, but for many, gait training will be a core component of the physical therapy regimen.

Research shows that gait training can lead to improved motor abilities, bone density, and psychological health. In addition, gait training allows an individual to receive the benefits associated with exercising. While the benefits are vast, the clinical outcomes vary depending on the specific situation.

Supporting Studies


Our View

At Healing Innovations, our goal is to increase accessibility to this very valuable rehabilitation technique. There isn’t a gold standard for delivering gait training, but there should be an easier and more economically attainable solution.

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What if you could be a part of a revolutionary approach to neurorehabilitation?