Cheshire Home

Success Story: Cheshire Home’s Rise&Walk Empowering Lives, One Step at a Time

Florham Park, New Jersey- Cheshire Home, a partner of Healing Innovations, is proud to share an inspiring success story about one of their residents, Bill. Bill was involved in a minor car crash that happened in a parking lot in 2013. He was diagnosed with a C3-C4 spinal cord injury and was considered a tetraplegic or high-functioning quadriplegic.

After spending time at the Cleveland Clinic, Bill was transferred to Kessler Rehabilitation Center, where he would spend the next six months. He could not move and could barely talk because his diaphragm was also paralyzed. “In the flip of a switch, everything had changed,” Bill said.

Bill began using the Rise&Walk in Cheshire Home’s Physical and Occupational Therapy Department and is now seeing significant changes in his abilities. He can now propel the machine by himself after overcoming some hurdles that limited him from reaching his goals.

“Bill has progressed in the past year to ambulating using a gait trainer in his personal training activities because of increased stability and strength he has gained from the Rise&Walk,” Cheshire Home Lead Physical Therapist Bethany Greenfield said. He can now perform a stand pivot transfer to and from his bed and chair with help. “This has made it much easier for him to go out with his family, including his two grandsons, and he has been able to go on overnight vacations with them as a result,” Bethany continued.

“Cheshire Home has been a huge part of my recovery,” Bill said. “The CNAs, nursing care, and physical and occupational team are off the charts. I don’t know what we would do without them, they are fabulous. Thank you, first, from the therapy side, for getting me to where I am today.”


January 26, 2024