Tyler Hofferber, an adaptive specialist at Neuability has now surpassed over 150 sessions with the Rise&Walk.

How has the Rise&Walk helped your patients? 

The Rise&Walk program has proven highly beneficial for our patients, positively impacting their health and well-being in numerous ways. By providing a safe environment, it enables them to stand for extended periods while utilizing the body weight support system, leading to improved bone mineral density as they bear weight into the ground. Additionally, the stations standing, walking, and seated sessions contribute to enhancing the cardiovascular system, resulting in improved gait patterns and increased confidence, which extends to their walking performance outside the facility.

How has the Rise&Walk helped your staff and organization? 

The Rise&Walk has helped our staff and organization by having a gait trainer available for the use of our patients in a safe manner not only for our patients but for our staff as well. We get to help our patients towards their personal goals whether that be improving gait patterns, bone mineral density, pain relief, or even a good workout raising their heart rate. The Rise and Walk allows us to be creative and problem solve with each individual client. It gives our staff a new tool to utilize in our facility to help improve the lives of the ones we care about. 

What is your favorite part of the Rise&Walk technology?

Personally my favorite part of the Rise&Walk technology is being able to see our patients stand tall, upright and walk. Seeing how most of our patients utilize the assistance of a manual wheelchair or powerchair it really makes me feel special and grateful seeing the people I have grown to care about immensely out of their chairs and given the opportunity to not only stand but walk in a safe environment from the Rise&Walk. I get to have these more one-on-one sessions with our patients building these deeper and more meaningful relationships that really matter to me because not only am I providing a service for our patients but the Rise&Walk allows me to make new friends helping me with my own well-being. While at times I do struggle with some sessions and am always learning from the last session I’ll never back down from helping someone especially with the effect the Rise&Walk can have not only on our patients lives but the impact it has had on mine as well.

January 17, 2024